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Allsounds Roadshow Professional Mobile Disco & Cutting Image Wedding Photography
Bring you a package designed and planned around your specific needs and wedding day requirements.
We have one simple goal.. To capture beautiful photography and help make your wedding day special.

When Planning Your Special Day
Two major things that you will be looking to book on your wedding day would be a Photographer and a Disco/DJ.
Booking these two essential things can quite easily run into thousands of pounds when booked seperatly, as I'm sure you will already be aware.
This is were Cutting Image Wedding Photography & Allsounds Roadshow Professional Mobile Disco & can help.
In association with Allsounds Roadshow, (our sister company) we can offer an "All Day" professional wedding photography service,
and a very experience and established evening Disco/DJ.
Simply Put.. A package deal, which will cover the following..

Your Official Wedding Photography
We pride ourselve in offering a very friendly, reliable and professional photography service. We are ourselves a husband and wife team.
We offer friendly advice before hand, giving you (if required) guidance, support and the benifit of our experience to help your special day
run as smoothly and professionally
as possible. Our "All Day" packages can range from coming to meet the bride and her bridesmaids pre ceremony, to capture the girls getting ready
for the big day, which can include photography of hair being styled, makup being applied, nails being painted etc.
Or if you prefer, we could head directly to the church/registry office around 1 hour before the wedding ceremony starts, on hand and ready to capture photos of the Groom
and his Best Man arriving. Then the Bride and Bridesmaids as they arrive. We would then photograph the wedding ceremony, capturing all those special moments..
Groom looking nervous, bride being walked down the aisle, ring exchange, exchanging vows, marriage kiss, walking back down the aisle together (venue permitting)
After the ceremony, we would shoot the official group wedding photography. The official wedding party photographs, family and friends.

Your Official Wedding Photography
Your official wedding photography would usually be sent to you (recorded delivery) around 7 to 10 days after your wedding reception.
We like to take these photos away with us back to our photo studio and spend time working on them over the following days.
Generally, We usually capture around 500 photos from when we arrive, up to your first wedding dance in the evening. We class these photos as your official wedding photography.
When you receive your wedding photos, they will be copied onto a photo dvd. On the photo dvd, you will find 2 folders.
One folder will be called "Complete Wedding Shoot". This folder will will contain every photograph taken during the day, from when we first arrived, up to your first dance in the evening.
They will be un airbrushed and presented as they were taken, in their original natural form.
The second folder will be called "Airbrushed". This folder will contain what we consider to be the best photographs of the day (the photos you would generally add to your wedding album)
They will all be airbrushed to look their very best, and all presented in full colour, Black and White and Sepia. I will usually airbrush between 50 and 80 photographs.

Colour ........................ Black & White ....................... Sepia ,,

Afternoon Background Music

After the official wedding photography has been taken, we would then setup the Disco (Allsounds Roadshow), to enable us to supply
background music for you and your guests while you enjoy your afternoon wedding breakfast/Buffet. We would also be able to offer you the
use of our cordless microphone for your speeches and we would be happy to make any anouncements you require on your behalf.
We would also continue with the photography through out the afternoon, capturing the speeches and toasts.

Your Disco & Evening Photography & Disco
Your evening Photography (from the first dance, through to the end of the night) would be given to you on a photo CD just before we leave at the end of the evening,
We usually capture around 200 photographs during the evening, all ready for you to take away with you and look through at your leisure.
For full details of the professional mobil disco service we offer in our "All Day" packages, please visit our sister company "Allsounds Roadshow"


Our "All Day" packages can include all the above mentioned, or tailored to suit your needs and budget.
We offer wedding ceremony photography, official group wedding photography, bride and groom photography,
evening photography and iclude all photos taken throughout the whole day. We will supply afternoon background music, use of our microphone for your speeches,
full professional evening Disco. All this for one quoted price. Contact Us to discuss your requirments and get your quote. You wont be dissapointed.